Types of bike lock and their uses

Types of bike lock and their uses

October 21, 2022

If you depend merely on your bike for commuting to work, roaming around your town, or just for personal recreation, it is really important to keep your bike safe from thieves. In most cities across the world, it is not uncommon to lose at least one bike in your entire life or at least have known someone who has had their bike stolen.

Best Bike lock

It is surely a common fact but can be avoided easily. Best bike lock can help you to have such issues especially if you keep them outside during the workday or even at night time. This is the best and only way to save your bike. Bike locks are designed to keep away the cycle thieves. If you are looking for a cycle lock, you will be overwhelmed with options. There are different types of locks available in the market for the bikes that come with different features and different security levels.


Let’s check out different types of locks and their uses:

U-locks and D-Locks

 When you visit the store, the best way to identify a D-lock and U-lock is by looking at their shapes. They have a straight edge as the lock, connected by a "u" to go around the bike. Best u lock bike can offer you the best level of security. The reason is thieves cannot use the bolt cutters to destroy the lock. It gives complete security to your bike.


Combination Lock With 4-Feet Durable Cable For Bike


Chain and Cable Locks:

These are not that secure like the U locks but can be cut often by the thieves. They can be cut without much noise or notice, letting them get away with your bike. Different types of new materials are being used recently to make bicycle cable lock less susceptible to cutting. They have newly added security levels. These types of locks are easy to carry and use.


Bicycle U-Lock-Heavy duty 14mm Shackle and 10mm x1.8m Cable

Wheel Lock:

Another great lock is Wheel lock. Like D-locks and U-locks, these types of locks do not prevent a thief from carrying your bike away. However, it does prevent a fast getaway by them if they try to ride the bike. This lock prevents them from hopping on and getting away, so they will have to be very strong or have a good get-away plan.


Bicycle U-Lock-Heavy duty 15mm and longer Shackle for 2 bikes and 10mm x1.2m Cable

There are also the folding locks and other new types of locks are available today. They are easy to use and quite handy.


Folding Bike Lock Steel Portable - High Security

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