Securing Your Ride-A Quick Guide to Keep Your Bike Safe

Securing Your Ride-A Quick Guide to Keep Your Bike Safe

October 21, 2022

Bike theft is probably one of the major concerns for every bicycle rider - right from a weekend warrior to a daily commuter. Every year, nearly 1.5 to 3 million bike theft cases are registered by riders across the globe and, we all know only a handful of these riders get their bikes back. The rest of the cases remain unsolved. 

Since bike theft has become too common these days, it has become extremely imperative for riders to take precautionary methods to keep their bike safe from thieves. From buying the best type of bike lock to installing a couple of essential gadgets on your bike, there are several things you can do for bike protection. 

Here we have compiled a list of essential tips you should remember to keep your two-wheel ride safe. These tips will help you protect your bike from thieves and enjoy your ride to the fullest. 

So, without wasting another second, let’s dive straight into these bike safety tips that you should always remember. 

Invest in a Sturdy & Reliable Lock

First things first; you need a bike lock. It doesn’t matter if you are a daily commuter or only ride your bike on weekends, you must always keep your bike locked, especially if you are parking it in a crowded place. 

When it comes to bike locks, there’s a common misconception among people that bike locks are for nerds, which is not the case at all. Every rider, be it a nerd or a triathlon athlete, needs to buy the best type of bike lock. 

There are different types of bike locks you can buy for your bike. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Cable Locks
  • Chain Locks
  • U-Locks

Among these three types of locks, cable locks are the most fragile one. Since they can be easily cut with regular garden scissors, there is no point in locking your bike with a cable lock. However, you can still use them along with a more sturdy bike lock for extra protection. 

U-Locks and chain locks, on the other hand, are a more reliable option as they are extremely robust. Now, it doesn’t mean that thieves cannot break these locks, but they’ll have to be extra creative to find a way to do the job. 

It is also worth noting that locking just the frame of your bike is not going to be sufficient. In this case, a thief can easily flee away with the wheels of the bike. Basically, you should lock the frame with a U-lock and use additional locks to lock the tires with the frame itself. 

This way you’ll add more hurdles for the thief and it’ll become next to impossible for him to steal and ride away with the bike, at least not without getting noticed. 

Never Park Your Bike in an Isolated Place 

No doubt, bikes are often stolen from crowded places, but that doesn’t mean that a completely isolated place is safe for your bike. The truth is an isolated place is as dangerous as a crowded place. 

If you leave your bike in a completely deserted place, it’ll become much easier for the thieves to steal the bike without drawing attention from anyone. No one would even know who stole the bike.

That’s why it is always a better strategy to lock your bike in a slightly exposed place where people are more likely to pass-by your bike. For extra protection, look for parking spots that are in the coverage area of a security camera. 

Try to Park Your Bike Indoors (If Possible)

Whenever you can, try to bring your bike inside instead of leaving it exposed on the streets. It would be much strenuous for a thief to break into your house and steal your bike. Of course, you should keep your bike inside the house during the night, but while you’re at work, you may not always be allowed to bring the bike inside. 

If that’s the case, try to lock the bike under a security camera so that even if it gets stolen, you’ll have an identity of the thief. While keeping your bike inside, however, make sure to still lock it with the best type of bike lock. 

Install a GPS Tracker On Your Bike

Once you have bought the best type of bike lock for your bike, the next step is to install safety accessories on the bike. One of such accessories is a GPS tracker. If you are a true cycling fan, you must buy a GPS tracker for your bike. 

With a GPS system, you’ll always know where your bike is. In addition to a GPS tracker, you can also install a bike alarm on your bicycle. So, whenever someone would try to break the lock or jostle with your bike, the alarm will start beeping and you’ll know your bike is getting stolen. 

Buy an Insurance for Your Bike

Buying insurance for a bike is not that common. In fact, only a few riders end up getting insurance for their bikes. However, if you own an expensive bike, getting insurance can prove to be extremely beneficial. 

Not only the insurance will add an extra layer of protection, but it’ll also help you in case of a road accident. Buying insurance is one of the best investments you can make for your bike. 

Bike Safety Guide-Final Verdict

As far as bike protection is concerned, you can never overdo it. The more you invest in your bike protection, the fewer problems you’ll face in the future. So, in addition to buying the best type of bike lock, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your bike safe from thieves. 

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