Combination Bike Lock

Combination Bike Lock

October 21, 2022

Combination Bike Lock: Are They Secure or Not?

As far as combination locks are concerned, riders usually consider them less secure than other bike locks. It is believed that a lock that opens with a combination is much easier to break than a lock that opens with a key. But, is this actually true? Are combination bike locks less secure than other types of locks? 

Well, the truth is that the safety of a combination bike lock depends on the location where you have locked your bike. For instance, if you have locked your bike in a dedicated parking spot (that has proper security), you can definitely use a combination bike lock. 


On the other hand, if you plan on parking your bike outdoors, using just a combination lock may not be a suitable option. The reason being a combination lock has a limited number of combinations, especially if you are using a lock with 3-digit combinations. 

At maximum, these locks can have 720 unique possible combinations. Now, even if the thief gets the right combination at his last attempt, it won’t take him more than 12-15 minutes to crack the code. 

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot use a combination lock outdoors. If you want to, simply buy a combination lock that has a 4-5-digit combination. With a 4-digit combination, there are 10,000 possible combinations, which a thief may not want to try. 

However, there are several other things that you should keep in mind while locking your bike with a combination bike lock. So, if you also want to know the right ways to secure your bike, continue reading, the following guide will help you properly lock your bike using a combination bike lock. 

Find a Secure Location

The most effective way to securely lock your bike is to find a secure location. If your bike is locked in a safe place, no thief would try to steal it anyways. By secure location, we mean parking spots where there are safety cameras nearby. 

If you park your bike in such locations, and even if it gets stolen, you can easily recover it by using the CCTV footage as evidence. Moreover, lock your bike with a solid object. If you’re in the city, you’ll find dozens of bike posts. 

These are the most suitable objects to lock your bike with as no they are sturdy and no one can lift your bike over them. Never lock your bike with straight poles or tree branches, though. 

Use Multiple Combination Locks

If you want to lock your bike with a combination bike lock, make sure to use more than one combination lock. Basically, the goal is to make a thief’s job as complicated as possible. To do so, you can use three combination locks in such a way that one locks the frame with the locking object while the other two lock both the wheels with the frame. 

This way even if a thief manages to break the first lock, he won’t have the time break the other two in time. You can make things more complicated by adding a U lock or folding bike lock into the picture. There’s no such thing as too many locks. So, make sure to use multiple locks while locking your bike in the future. 

While using multiple combination locks, however, make sure to set a different combination for every lock. Many people use the same combination for every lock and usually end up losing their bike. 

Secure Accessories as Well

In addition to locking the bike frame with a combination bike lock, it is also important to secure the accessories too. Now, if you have installed accessories that come with a quick release, you can simply remove them and carry them in your backpack. 

For instance, if you have installed lights, reflectors or horns, you can simply remove and put them in your backpack. Once you want to ride again, it’ll only take a couple of seconds to re-install these accessories. Keep in mind that even bike accessories can allure a thief. So, make sure to find a way to secure the accessories as well. 

Use an Expensive Combination Bike Lock

Now, when it comes to combination bike locks, the market is stacked with a wide variety of combination locks, ranging from $10-$100+. Now, while cheap combination locks work just fine, it is extremely easy to break them as their material is not sturdy at all. Moreover, with simple tricks, these cheap locks can be unlocked easily. 

This is why it is always advised to invest in an expensive combination bike lock that is difficult to break. At Via Velo Lock, we offer an extensive range of combination cable locks that are extremely durable. Using such locks will make the thief’s job much strenuous and as a result, he’ll give up even before attempting to unlock the bike.

Where You Can Buy a Combination Bike Lock?

Right Here!

Via Velo Lock is your one-stop-shop to buy different types of bike locks. Whether you want to buy combination locks, chain locks, or even high-end U-locks, we have the right bike lock for every rider. Browse through our collection of bike locks and pick the most suitable bike lock for your bike at affordable prices. 

Wrapping Things Up

As far as the safety of combination locks is concerned, it all depends on the lock that you buy and the way you lock your bike. Using multiple bike locks and having expensive locks will make your bike completely secure. Also, try to add a U-lock or chain lock for extra security as they are comparatively more secure than a regular cable/combination lock. If you love your ride, it is your job to lock it securely. So, make sure to invest in a sturdy bike lock that makes your bike the last target of every thief.

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