Bicycles- The Best Friend Forever of Every Student

Bicycles- The Best Friend Forever of Every Student

October 21, 2022

It does not matter how much the world has got advanced in terms of transportation, the bicycles have always been the favorite of people and will have always been the favorite of people. They have always been a reliable mate and love of the bicycles’ riders since their introduction to the world. And today also whether kids, school and college goers, office goers, retired persons, sportspersons, housewives, or patients everyone loves to have a bicycle as a medium of transportation or a fitness machine.

However, the preferences of people have changed now compared to the early decades. Today’s generation loves to ride modern stylish bicycles instead of riding traditional straight-stand bicycles as modern bicycles look cool, stylish, and good for maintaining health and fitness. It doesn't matter how many motor vehicles people own, bicycles are still the need of most people in the world. It is a misconception wandering among the people that people do not need a bicycle if they already have two to five motor vehicles in their garages. Bicycles were not only the need of the early era but they are also the need of today’s rapidly growing generation.

They have their own importance and the motor vehicles cannot match their look, charm, simplicity, and the craze about them among people. Even people are so crazy about their bicycles that they buy best type of bike lock to provide a complete safeguard to their bicycles and keep them safe from being stolen by the thieves. The importance and roles of modern and stylish bicycles in human life have increased since the world got advanced. They have not only been used as a medium of transportation but used for several different purposes such as maintaining health and fitness.

Bicycles- The True Mate of A Student


Whether school goers or college goers, truly, bicycles are a boon for all the students. Bicycles are a true mate of the school and college life, a true-crime partner within or outside the school and college campus, a true helper to help in daily activities, and a true and reliable friend that never bluffs from the back, unlike a few college friends. A day in a student's life starts with the riding cycle to reach the premises of his/her school or college and end getting back to home from tuition classes or extra classes. So likewise, bicycles are one of the most integral parts of a student’s life. 

For most of the students, bicycles are actually the first love of their life. They take care of their bicycles like a mother does to protect and pamper her child. They regularly wash and clean their bicycles from high-quality cleaning liquids to keep them look cool & classy and even the most students lock their bicycles from the best type of bike lock available in the market to provide a complete safeguard to their bicycles whenever they park them in parking zones inside the college and school campus or outside in the local market. For students, properly locking their bicycles from the best type of bike lock is necessary as bicycles are one of the most valuable assets for them. If they got stolen then it may be a huge loss for them. So likewise, bicycles are one of the most attached or closed things to students.

Bicycle Riding Creates Some Unforgettable School and College Memories

Undoubtedly, school and college lives are an unforgettable part of human lives. It always remains in the album of memories. Whether we move to another country or get old, we never forget our school and college memories including the naughtiness, the moments of fun, the friendship, the childhood crime, the competition, the battle against the rivals, and the whole fun of college life. Bicycle riding is one of those things which creates a number of unforgettable memories in our school and college life like wandering throughout the local market with the best friend without any reason, bicycle riding competition against the best friend, executing the perfect childish crime, following the crush and staring her/him standing nearby the bicycles, locking bicycle from chain instead of using the best type of bike lock due to fear of college campus’ thieves, and such many more. These are not the imagination of the writer but in real college and school life, it happens. In a real sense, bicycles are the first and best friend of every student who loves to ride a bike. Likewise, they are not only a means of transportation but more than it. 

Bicycles- The Cheapest and the Perfect Convenience of Transportation for Students

By buying a bicycle, students get a luxury of “no additional expenses.” Yes! The bicycles are the cheapest medium of transportation and do not consume any type of oil to get started to run on the roads. For students, it is perfect. Most students choose bicycles over motor vehicles as their personal medium of transportation because bicycles are always ready-to-go transportation and do not need additional support and care. Even the parents also prefer to give a modern and stylish bicycle to their school goer children instead of giving a motor vehicle. Bicycles can easily run on the plain roads as well as on the bumpy roads without getting any damages and that’s why they are the first choice of the students. They just need to be protected from the best type of lock and parked in the safe parking zones or under the CCTV surveillance otherwise, they can be stolen by the thieves. Likewise, bicycles are absolutely perfect for all the students who want a transportation convenience for their daily routine.

Bicycles Have Low Risk

Bicycles cannot run above the speed of 40 km/h and that’s why they have the lowest risk. Neither the riders have any risk of being injured nor the bicycles have any risk of being damaged and that’s why they have been the first choice of students for years. They also can be protected easily from the best type of bike lock and saved from the wrong intents of the local thieves. It means protecting bicycles is not a big deal. You just need the best type of bike lock for bicycles and follow the safeguard instructions.

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