Theft Proof Your Bike-Bike Safety 101 to Park Your Bike Protected

Theft Proof Your Bike-Bike Safety 101 to Park Your Bike Protected

October 21, 2022

Whether you ride a high-end Surly or a cheap commuter bike, protecting it from thieves should be your first priority. The truth is thieves always see your bike as easy money if it’s unlocked. It will take only half a second for a thief to ride away with an unprotected bike and the chances are you may never get to see your bike again. 

That’s why it is important for every bicycle rider to buy the best bike cable lock or U lock and properly lock the bike so that no thief could steal it. While there is no such thing as an unbreakable bike lock, locking your bike with a sturdy lock will definitely make it the last target of a potential thief. 

So, here are some of our tips that’ll help you make your car theft-proof and park it safely. 

Buy a Good Lock

The first and probably the most obvious tips that’ll help you protect your bike from thieves is to buy a strong bicycle lock. There is a wide variety of locks available in the market. These bicycle locks range from regular cable locks to high-end expensive U-locks. 

Choosing the right type of bike lock depends on various factors including your budget and the locality where you lock your bike. For instance, if you lock your bike in a bad neighborhood, where crimes are repeatedly reported, try to invest in an expensive bike lock. 

In this case, a sturdy U-lock is the right option. U-lock offer extreme sturdiness and is the most durable bike lock option for riders. As compared to other bike locks, U locks are comparatively more secured. 

However, if you lock your bike in in-house parking, you can also buy a bike cable lock. Even though these types of bike locks are less secure, they are perfect and most affordable options for locking your bike inside. 

Learn How to Properly Lock Your Bike

In addition to buying the right type of bicycle cable lock, it is also imperative to know how to lock your bike properly. As I said, there’s no bike lock that’s unbreakable. Even the best U lock can be unlocked with the right tools and techniques. 

This is why it is extremely imperative to know the right ways to lock your bike. Now, locking a bike in the right way is no rocket science. All you need to do is remember a couple of things, including:

  • If you’re locking your bike in an isolated place, or even if in a crowded place, look out for parking locations that come under the coverage of a security camera. 
  • Instead of locking the bike with a single bike lock, try to use multiple locks to protect each part of the bike. Ideally, you should lock the frame with a U-lock, and use two cable locks to protect both the wheels.
  • Try to find dedicated bike posts to lock your bike. These are some of the most secure objects to lock down your bike with. 

Keep in mind that locking your bike the right way will reduce the odds for it to get stolen. 

Make Your Bike Unappealing

Believe it or not, making your bike unappealing will make it the last target for every thief. If you have installed any fancy lights, make sure to remove them every time you lock your bike in the streets. 

In addition to lights, try to remove all the accessories from the bike as they make your bike look attractive. The appearance of your bike can be a great lure for thieves. So, make sure to make your bike look like it’s an old one so that no one ends up stealing it. 

In case you have installed a professional bicycle computer, make sure to remove it as well as they are the biggest lure for thieves. Keep all these accessories in your backpack and when you want to ride your bike again, simply install them and start pedaling. 

What to Do If Your Bike Still Gets Stolen?

All these tips will help you lock your bike properly. However, if still your bike gets stolen, what steps should you take to get it back. First of all, report the theft to local authorities. In the majority of cases, the local Police Departments can help you get the bike back. 

In case you had locked your bike in a secured location, that comes under the coverage of a security camera, you’ll easily get an identity of the thief and the footage will become a piece of evidence to track him down. 

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes to securing a bike, the first step is to buy a bicycle cable lock so that you can properly lock down your bike. At Via Vel Lock, you can find a wide variety of bike locks, and pick the best bike lock to lock your bicycle. 

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