Safety Tips to Secure Your Bike in Public Places

Safety Tips to Secure Your Bike in Public Places

October 21, 2022

Bicycle theft is one of the biggest fears of any cyclist as they are always worried about the safety of their bicycles. According to research, the bikes are getting stolen on a daily basis all around the world. If you also own a cycle, there are various ways through which you can protect your bike. 

Many times, your bike safety relies solely, on your bicycle cable lock. It is very important for you to understand that with the right tools the thieves can get through any bike lock. All you have to do is, make it confusing, irritable and time-consuming for them so that they eventually give up. 

Here are certain things that you should follow in order to protect your bike: 

  • It will be better if you stay away from the cheap bike cable lock, as they can easily be snipped with the garden scissors. In order to give better protection to your bicycle make sure that you are locking it with the U-lock and heavy-duty chains as it provides better bicycle protection. Though not dense, protection. 

  • Make sure that you are not locking your bicycle with just the frame, otherwise, anybody with the tool can remove your bicycle’s wheel in less than a minute. 

  • In order to protect your bicycle, you can use two u-locks. The one securing the back part of the cycle and the other securing the front part of the cycle. 

  • You can even use a lock of a different type, just to confuse the thief as it will require a different set of tools in order to open it. Try to use the locks that are confusing in nature. 

  • Try buying the small U-locks for your bicycle, as it will give less room as an advantage to free the bike. 

Try to avoid parking in isolated and over-crowded places:

It is very important for you to avoid the places that are isolated and on the other side crowded. While traveling on a bicycle, the main concern of the people is where should they park their bicycles. Well, this is the question that is raised by a lot many people all around the world. 

The solution to this question is very simple, you should always park your bicycles in a well-exposed area, where the passers-by can easily see it. However, you must always park your bike under the security camera in order to get free from the worries of theft. For the better bicycle protection, try avoiding the crowded parking spots as nobody will notice the act of theft even in broad daylight. 

Register your bicycle for better protection: 

The best option to save your bicycles is by registering them. Just like cars, bicycles can also get registered. The registration process is quite very simple and inexpensive. The registration is done in order to increase the chances of recovering your bike in case of theft. 

There are no particular reasons, why you should not take this extra precaution. 

In order to register your bike, the process is very simple. All you have to do is, look for the authority that takes care of the bicycles in your city or state. The registration will definitely be going to require the manufacturer and the model of your bike as well as the unique serial number that can be found on your bike frame. 

On the other hand, if unfortunately your bicycle gets stolen the unique code will definitely going to help the police in order to trace it for you. The best part about the registration process is that they provide a sticker for your bicycle which is placed on the bike in order to alert the thieves that your two-wheeler is registered.  

Don’t park your bike in the same place every day: 

If you always park your bike in the same public spot, there are chances under which you might feel a deceiving sense of comfort. By parking your bicycle in the same spot every day, you are going to make easier for the thieves to steal your bicycle. As they can spot your bicycle location at the times when nobody is watching it, and according to it, they will plan a flawless attack. 

You must know each and everything around you, as the professional bicycle thieves are always in a group of three. As the first one will always check the bikes in the racks and will determine the tools that are required in order to steal the bike. The second one will definitely bring the tools and free the bike from the stand you have parked your bicycle in. and the third one actually rides away on the bike. 

It is very important for you to understand that parking your bike in the same spot will definitely attract unwanted attention. 

Try covering your bike at the time of transportation: 

The bicycles that are left on the car racks or even in the cars are easy to be stolen by the thieves. 

No matter how much you love your bike and would like to show it to the world, you have to leave that part to when you are actually riding. There are many people, who cover their bicycles in order to protect it from the theft. If you are transporting your bike with the car, make sure that you choose a full bike cover as it will help you out by protecting it from the dirt and from the prying eyes. 

There are various online platforms, that provide the bike covers. All you have to do is, investigate the best online platform for yourself, from whom you can buy the bike covers for your bicycle. 

It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are a bike owner, you must follow all these steps in order to protect your bicycle from the thefts. Remember, even the best lock can eventually get clipped by a persistent crook. So, try using all the preventive measures in order to protect your bike from the terror of theft. 

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