How to Prevent the Thefts of Bike's Spare Parts?

How to Prevent the Thefts of Bike's Spare Parts?

October 21, 2022

The efforts to completely give safeguard to your bike sometimes goes in vain when you get to know that the thieves have stolen a few of your bike's spare parts like seats and tiers. It often happens in developed cities in a huge number all over the world. If you live in a metropolitan city, look around the bike stands, you will be able to see hundreds of bikes parked without seats. Mainly, two reasons are there behind this scenario. First is people keep their bike removable seats with them so that they can protect their seats from being stolen. And the second reason is the thieves steal the bikes' seats. Both are not a good thing for society. The local people who sell the stolen parts in the local market, they are the reason behind this kind of theft. They steal the spare parts and sell them in the local market to gain some significant benefits. It is actually their daily job and their daily earnings heavily depend on this kind of theft. Eventually, when you lose something, they gain something. And this is the only mathematics for them.

Your Bike Is Never Completely Safe


In this urbanized world, if you really think your bike is safe with minor bicycle protection facilities then you are absolutely wrong here. Your bike is not safe until it is properly locked with u lock bike lock or other high-security bike locks and parked in a safe zone where the theft attack ratio is very low. Despite all these safeguard facilities, your bike is never completely safe as it is the technology era wherein theft tools and gadgets are more advanced than protection facilities. The thieves are always smarter than you. They can do whatever they want with the help of high technology gadgets and powerful tools like hammers and laser cutters. These tools can help them to easily steal your bikes' spare parts. So, this is very important to give your bike extra safeguards so that it cannot become an easy target for the thieves. If the thieves will find your bike securely locked with high-security u lock bike lock or other high-tech bike locks then they will certainly not waste their time to steal your bike or your bike's spare parts. They will move ahead to find an easy target. And that's how you can protect your bike from being stolen to some extent.

Let's find what are the other ways to give a complete safeguard to your favorite bike and prevent the thieves from stealing your bike and your bike's spare parts. By following the below-mentioned tips, you can certainly stop the thefts to steal your bike.

Four Ways to Prevent the Thieves to Steal Your Bike's Spare Parts

The tips you are going to learn in this detailed post are really very useful and helpful to completely protect your bike from the thieves. You just need to cautiously follow these steps and consequently, you will never face a situation of your bike theft. Let's get into those amazing ideas that can save your bike from the wrong intentions of the thieves.

Modify Your Bike With a Removable Seat

This is one of the greatest steps you should follow to keep your bike's seat protected. I know, it is a bit weird to always fix and remove the bike seat and sometimes keep it in your bag during college lectures or school classes but instead of losing your bike seat, it is a wiser option. It is better to have a removable bike seat that can be anytime removed and fixed as your needs. So, buy a removable light-weighted bike seat online and go to your local market for modification of your bike. And that's how you can protect your bike seat from being stolen.

Buy a Bike Lock that Can Also Lock Your Bike Tier

Having a high-tech highly-secured u lock bike lock is a must for every biker as the bike lock is very important for the complete security of your bike. By properly locking your bike with a modern bike lock, you can surely reduce the chances of the bike theft. At the same time, if you want to protect your bike's tier from being stolen then you need a bike lock that can be locked around the back tire of your bike. So, likewise, you can protect your bike as well as your bike's tier. For this kind of double protection, u lock bike lock, bike cable lock, and bike folding locks are the most appropriate options. You should buy them and ensure the complete protection of your bike's spare parts.

Choose the Safest Parking to Park Your Bike

The more safeguard facilities you will provide to your bike, the lesser chances will be of your bike thefts and bike's spare parts thefts. So, you must provide as many protection facilities to your bike as possible so that your bike thefts chances remain very low. Choose the safest parking zones nearby you and if possible, find the CCTV camera and park your bike under the 24/7 surveillance of CCTV camera. It is one of the must-do steps that every biker should follow to give a complete safeguard to him/her favorite bike. So, being a bike rider or cyclist, whatever your daily routine had been till now, doesn't matter, now it is the time to improve it by following these amazing tips. And by following these must-do steps, you can highly secure your bike.

Do Not Offer An Easy Target

Do not be careless towards your favorite bike otherwise, you can lose it very soon. Do not park it unlocked, do not leave it unlocked, and do park it in a random place rather properly lock it with the best u lock bike lock and park it in a safe zone. If you do not do so that means you will invite the thieves to steal your bike yourself. So, be careful and take care of your favorite bike, you love to ride by following the above-mentioned instructions. And that's how you will be able to protect your bike's spare part and bike as a whole from being stolen.

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